Tuesday, August 25, 2009

High School Commencement Proceedings

While the calendar tells us we are in late Summer, we all know that fall is just around the corner and in some cases, fall has arrived. What I talk of is the beginning of the High School Fall sports season. Many sports begin before school actually commences … football, soccer, and field hockey practices to name a few and the fall golf season started today in Maine.

The most important aspect of high school sports are the student athletes that take time off from their summer vacations to ready themselves for the season ahead. I have a little story to tell about three such persons.

As I was playing a round of golf on Monday, I spoke to 3 male members of the Edward Little High School (Auburn, ME) varsity golf team. They were kind enough to allow me to play through, but I decided to ask them a few questions. I asked not about what how they thought the team would perform, but instead I asked the threesome about themselves.

I asked which of the three was an honor student. One member, a junior, answered that he was on the honor roll last school year. I could see that he was quite proud of himself. Hey, why not? Being an honor student is no small feat in today's world.

I asked the second team member, a senior, what he enjoyed about Edward Little High School. He told me he was looking forward to being a mentor to the upcoming freshman class. I asked what he was to do. He responded that he would help faculty in the freshman orientation process, to show the new class where each wing of the school was, and to assist freshmen whenever necessary. Quite ambitious, to say the least. What impressed me was that the confidence exuded by such a young man. No stops or stutters.

Finally I asked who was the rocket scientist of the group. Oddly enough, it was the third member of the team that answered, and the other two were quick to point out that indeed he liked science. We all had a good chuckle over that one.

I finally wished them well in their upcoming match and proceeded to hit a fade into the adjoining fairway to the right. A funny thing happened though … not one of them laughed. Very respectful towards the hacker they allowed to play through.

Let's all remember that young high school student athletes need our support not only on the playing fields but in life as well. Although my work schedule doesn't allow me to attend events as I once did, I still have respect for them. If you are able to show support by going to games, please do so. If you are unable, you could be fortunate enough to see a young high school athlete and say that you appreciate their efforts, not only for their play but in the classroom as well.

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