Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dear Brett, Please Retire

It has been reported that future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre has signed and reported to the Minnesota Vikings for the 2009 AND 2010 seasons. Yup, he's back with his rotator cuff hanging by a thread and a big wad of cash to boot. I realize the Vikes need a QB with the likes of Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels (see article) on their roster, but this is truly a desperate measure. My problem isn't with Minnesota but again Favre has claimed he is retired once and for all and “bingo” he's back in uniform.

What is it with Brett? I can't believe it's for the money. Could it be his friendship with Head Coach Brad Childress? Perhaps, but I think there's is one underlying reason why he's returned to the NFL. He just has to compete. As Favre stated when called by Childress yesterday, it was “... now or never.” In my view, this may tarnish a brilliant career, if the experience with the Jets hasn't begun to do that.

Gee Brett, why don't you just call it a career? I understand the competitive spirit inside of you, but now is the time to hang it up. You hold most of the NFL's passing records and are a Super Bowl champion. You repeatedly said that you are retired and I feel most football fans believed you this time because you chose not to go to Vikings camp 3 weeks ago. You risk injury and embarrassment not only to yourself but to the Vikings, who are gambling that you can bring them a long awaited Super Bowl championship.

I don't think I need say more... do yourself a “Favre”, just walk away and be satisfied with your accomplishments. Being a gamer is not either physically or mentally healthy for you any longer.

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