Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

As we all know, athletes have a way of bringing out different emotions in other athletes, management, and fans alike. Many make us cheer, some make us groan, and there are those that make us disgusted. Often times, we the fans feel these three emotions faster than we can blink our eyes.

This post will focus on three players who in their performances form the basis of what has gone down recently in the world of sports. Here, I will present The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of athletes in recent days.

The Good: Simon Gagne – Philadelphia Flyers

Gagne has been gold for the Flyers as they march towards the Eastern Conference Championship of the NHL playoffs. Since his return from a broken right big toe in Game 4 versus the Boston Bruins, Simon has potted 6 goals in 6 games. His first was the overtime game winner in that Game 4 which the Flyers could have been eliminated. Then Gagne scored the series winning goal on the power play as the Flyers pulled off the improbable beating the Bruins in Game 7. He has since scored in the first 2 games of the conference finals against Montreal, with Philly winning both. No doubt that Simon has been the catalyst in the Flyers attack.

The Bad: Mariano Rivera – New York Yankees

Mariano Rivera ... bad? In a rare show of vulnerability, Rivera's last 2 appearances have been just that. On Sunday versus the Minnesota Twins, Rivera was charged with a rare blown save as he gave up a walk an surrendered a grand slam to Jason Kubel in a stunning 6-3 loss. Then two nights later Mariano gave up 2 runs, although unearned, and 2 hits in another stunning loss, 7-6 to arch rival Boston Red Sox in which he was tagged with the loss. Although I clearly believe that these are just blips on the radar screen, it's just so unlike the future Hall of Fame closer, perhaps the greatest of all time, to have consecutive subpar performances.

The Ugly: Hanley Ramirez – Florida Marlins

Clearly the Marlins best player, Ramirez was benched by manager Fredi Gonzalez after the 2nd inning when he committed a costly error and then failed to run hard after he kicked the ball nearly 100 feet allowing 2 runs to score. Then on Tuesday, Hanley ripped his manager by saying "It's his team. He can do whatever," … "There's nothing I can do about it." (There were expletives included.)

Ramirez also said about Gonzalez, "That's OK. He doesn't understand that. He never played in the big leagues," while talking to reporters on why he thought he was treated unfairly.

Okay, this superstar is clearly a knucklehead by flapping his yap in such a manner. And it appears that Florida players are squarely behind manager Gonzalez. I suggest that Hanley either shape up or he may be dealt with harshly and I hope his teammates ride his butt hard.

Those are my thoughts...what are yours?


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  1. I'm not too worried about Mo either. No one is perfect. If he starts giving up multiple grand slams, then I'll have to rethink my position.

  2. Dylan,

    If Rivera gives up multiple grand slams, the end of the world will be at hand!