Monday, August 3, 2009

The Gang of 104

Recently it has been reported and confirmed that Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz are included on the list of 104 Major League baseball players testing positive for steroids in 2003. Of course we know by now the Alex Rodriguez story and his “admission of guilt”, but how much do we really know, or for that matter, how much do we really care? I for one am sick and tired of what happened in 2003 but yet I am still curious about who is on that list.

With that said, there are two schools of thought --- either have the judge with the sealed list release the document or allow names to be leaked periodically, which seems to be the trend. I will present brief arguments for both. Oh wait, isn't this list confidential? Doesn't seem that way to me.

Releasing the list would put a quick end to much of the bickering behind the scenes between reporters, agents, and God knows who else. My goodness, at the rate of the names that are being leaked, it would take many years for all 104 to be learned. I could be cremated by then! I ask you, wouldn't we all be relieved that once and for all, this BS would finally come to an end? Or do we give a rats behind? It's up to the judge at this point. Let's just threaten to run over the courthouse with bats and look mean --- or not. Let's just get this mess behind us.

Then again...

Perhaps the list of names should be leaked slowly over time. In doing so, these players will have to sweat a bit more hoping their fans never find out that their favorite player was using a banned substance in 2003. The shock, the shame! How to explain! Listen Mister Big Shot (Mister Big Papi!), just admit that you took performance enhancing drugs and we will forgive you. A Rod has been forgiven and Manny has too. We are a forgiving lot we baseball fans and I think the players know that. But these guys are also egotistical for the most part. Tarnish their reputations and they kick and scream --- ask Roger Clemens.

So what do you think? I say release the document and put it behind us. We don't need any more of these leaks to filter into the public eye. Get on with it!

Remember, bring your bats.

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  1. Very nice,I agree that something needs to be done. Real sick of hearing about it. IMO they should release all the names at once, and try to move forward from that dark period in baseball.