Wednesday, April 21, 2010

With The First Pick In The 2010 NFL Draft, The St. Louis Rams SHOULD Select...

With the first round of the NFL draft Thursday night, The St. Louis Rams appear poised to select Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford, considered by few to be the top player in the draft. We know that the Rams are a team that needs to be rebuilt from the ground up and have needs at quarterback, wide receiver, and defensive line being the most pressing needs. With so many needs, the question becomes...

Who SHOULD the Rams select with the overall #1 pick?

I agree with most draft experts that the best player should go first in the draft. I don't agree that Bradford is the #1 player however. In my opinion, that player is Ndamukong Suh.

Suh is an absolute bear of a defensive tackle with enough quickness of a defensive end. How many collegiate players can stuff the run, hold his ground on a double team, and rush the passer? Does the name Reggie White ring a bell? To think, if he were to play for the Rams, he would remind older Rams fans of a Hall of Fame defensive tackle...the late Merlin Olsen.

Now, I'm no NFL General Manager, but I would think you want to select the sure thing, or at least the surest thing when drafting 1st overall. Most pundits believe that would be Suh. Defensive tackle is a need as I've previously mentioned. Then again, so is quarterback.

In the end, The Rams will likely pick Sam Bradford to be their franchise quarterback with pick number one. Which leads to another question which I will leave you to ponder.

Is Bradford the best quarterback in the draft?


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