Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some Athlete Websites

I'm going to take a bit of a break from my normal blog posting and present some Websites from some sports figures. Some sites I have used as hyperlinks within posts and I will be adding a few new ones as well. In this post, I will include Websites from athletes in baseball and football. I am in hopes that you will enjoy them as much as I do

Here are the Websites I enjoy, and as the late great comedian and actor Jackie Gleason would say “ And away we go!”


Albert Pujols – The National League MVP's site is named “Pujols Family Foundation” that honors God (and our lord Jesus Christ), and his helping kids affected by Down Syndrome both in the St. Louis area and in his native Dominican Republic. His Website is very professionally done and I feel is a must see and read … very inspirational.

Cal Ripken, Jr. and Bill Ripken – Ripken Baseball is not just about the Cal's little league but is an astute site of growing the game of baseball for youth. Both Cal and brother Bill are involved in coaching clinics, fund raisers, and some instruction all in the name of baseball and kids. You can check out the Orioles minor league teams, buy DVD's, browse Cal Ripken Little League tournaments, and other events on this site.

Mickey Mantle – The official website of the Yankee great, "mickeymantle.com" is basically run by the Mantle family. While not the most aesthetic site around, there is one section I enjoy in which you can hear of “The Mick's” great feats from tape measure home runs to his induction into The Baseball Hall of Fame. Along the way, check out the career stats, bio, and news of what Mantle speak of as motivational speakers.

Yogi Berra – How can any baseball fan not visit “yogiberra.com” and get a good laugh. There is The Yogi Store where you can purchase items such as books, memorabilia, and autographs to name some items, the baseball card gallery of all of Yogi's cards, and of course the Yogi-isms! That alone is a must look-see.

Ted Williams – The official sight of “Teddy Ballgame” "tedwilliams.com" not only has the life of Ted's career but there is a store to visit, a section of his hobbies and pastimes, and a section about his service as a United States Marine in both World War II and the Korean Conflict. Well worth a look.


Brett Favre – Simply named "officialbrettfavre.com" has it all. Not only do you have Brett's career encapsulation, but you have all Brett's news, a fan store, and so on. The most important element is the “Fourward Foundation” for disadvantaged youths of Wisconsin and his native Mississippi. Definitely one to see.

Emmitt Smith – The NFL's all-time leading rusher site "emmittsmith.com" is simple but has much information. Asides from the career stats and store, there is a link Emmitt's charity Website “Smith Charities” that focuses on creating opportunities for disadvantaged youths in education, arts, health, and wellness. Check it out!

Johnny Unitas – To many, the greatest quarterback in NFL history, Johnny's site “johnnyunitas.com” is much a corporate site with his career thrown in. But I really enjoyed the link to the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award section. The trophy is given to the best quarterbacks in college football as those on the board of the Golden Arm Award.

Warrick Dunn – Warrick Dunn Online starts with a intro page with music and stills of Warrick playing career. Once in the site, you can go through his playing career, store fan mail, and other goodies that most don't have. Of course he does charitable work through his acclaimed Warrick Dunn Foundation helping those who are economically distressed and their children who are trying to help themselves. This is one of the better websites I have seen.

Pat Tillman – As we know, the late Pat Tillman died for us in Afghanistan after putting his NFL career on hold. The Pat Tillman Foundation was started by his family in 2004 to service veterans to gain academic scholarships, as well as those who are still active along with their families. As you browse through, take note that pat's family and friends are selfless in their promotion of the foundation...it's all about others in need.

Those are just a few sites I have discovered and enjoy. If you have any other baseball or football sites you like, feel free to comment about them. I am interested in taking a look at them.

I will do other Websites in other sports in the future.

Have Fun!


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