Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dear Brett, Please Retire --- Revisited

On August 19th, I wrote that Brett Favre should have retired from the NFL instead of signing with the Minnesota Vikings. I had deduced that Brett was for all intents and purposes finished as an NFL quarterback. He had a bum shoulder and a terrible December with the New York Jets last season ... totally finished.

Yet in 8 games this season, Favre has looked rejuvenated as he has led the Vikings to a 7 win 1 loss start. In the process, he has gone from game manager to gunslinger, as the game against the Green Bay Packers shows.

It looks like that I am wrong about #4, but didn't he have a similar start to the season in 2008? Let's do a comparison, shall we?

Through 8 games last season, Brett's Jets were sporting a 5 and 3 record and Brett was okay with 15 TD throws, including 6 versus Arizona in week 4, to 12 interceptions.

This season, Favre has thrown an amazing 16 TD's to being intercepted a mere 3 times. Included in those 16 touchdowns are two 3 TD games and last Sunday's 4 touchdown passes against Green Bay at Lambeau Field.

So far, Brett has made a fool of me, but I am waiting to see what the final 8 games will bring.

Now the last 8 games for the 2008 Jets started well but ended in disaster. Here are the facts:

Favre was tremendous from 9 through 11 as he threw 5 touchdowns to 1 interception as New York won all three games, including an overtime victory over the New England Patriots. During that stretch, Favre's QB rating was 117.7, 119.4 {Pats game), and 103.6. The Jets were 8 and 3 and looked like they would walk away with the AFC East title.

Then the mighty Brett collapsed in the final 5 games of 2008 as he threw only 2 TD passes against a whopping and incredible 9 interceptions as the Jets lost all 5 games to close at 9 and 7 and Head Coach Eric Mangini losing his job. A sore shouldered Brett Favre couldn't throw deep and the defensive backs could cheat on short passes knowing this.

I just wonder if Brett can hold up for the second half of the 2009 NFL season ... only time will tell. He looks like the Brett Favre of old at this moment but with the facts I have presented within this post, it's still a gamble he can continue this type of play.

Let me know what you think.


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