Monday, April 12, 2010

Rants and Raves and Opinions

This post is just some rants, raves, and opinions on a few sports happenings…so here we go!

Ben Roethlisberger will not be charged with any illegal sexual contact with the 20-year-old woman at a college bar in Georgia. I’m not surprised since the lady and her mom refused to file charges. If I could talk to Ben, it would be a simple 2-word sentence --- “Grow up!” NFL czar Roger Goodell will have a talk with Roethlisberger this week and I’m thinking there may be a suspension looming. Stay tuned.

Fifty-year-old Freddy Couples finishes in the top 10 at The Masters. Good for you Freddy! Isn’t it grand that the over 50 group plays well at recent majors? Being age 50 myself, it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread … okay, I exaggerate. Couples looked as though he was having fun at Augusta, because he was! Was he wearing golf shoes? Looked quite casual in the footwear department to me and I loved it! Fred is dominating the Champions Tour and I believe he can do fairly well on the PGA Tour if he so pleases. Old guys rule!!!

The Boston Red Sox look as though they have 2 major problems early this MLB season. One is that David is off to a terrible start this season, much like last season. His strikeout rate is worse than alarming and Sox fans are already calling for a change. Mike Lowell anyone?

Problem two is that the bullpen has been shaky early. The usually reliable Hedeki Okajima has been wild and hammered at the same time and closer Jonathan Papelbon has lost a game already. It’s early and as a Red Sox fan, I am more patient than most, unlike my panicky dad.

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  1. Old guys rule! ha, ha :0)

  2. Please, please, let Mike play!

  3. I love that two teams already switched closers (Texas and Baltimore). It just goes to show how nervous they are about losing their jobs. And I would not be so worried about the Red Sox. If this trend is still continuing in a month, then maybe there's a cause for concern. Especially since the AL East is loaded this year.