Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The World Series, BCS #1, And The New York “Football” Giants

Much has happened this past weekend in the wonderful world of sports. We have witnessed Major League Baseball crowning league champions, the #1 ranked team in college football's BCS getting hammered, and the emergence (or re-emergence) of a potential NFC power.

One by one, I will briefly recap these events and give opinions on the future of upcoming events as pertains to these subjects.

Here we go!

The 2010 World Series ---

This season's World Series pits the National League champion San Francisco Giants versus the Texas Rangers, champion of the American League. The Giants feature a strong pitching staff, as witnessed in the NLCS by defeating defending champion Philadelphia Phillies, while the Rangers have a potent batting attack as the defending world champion New York Yankees encountered. San Francisco has not won the Series since 1954 while Texas is playing in its first ever fall classic.

It has been stated and proven that good pitching beats good hitting most of the time, but I feel that the Ranger bats and aggressiveness will be too much for 'Frisco's call to arms.

I like Texas in six games and bring home their first world title.

Game 1, to be played Wednesday evening in San Francisco, will feature Giants ace Tim Lincecum against Texas stopper Cliff Lee, one of the all time post season's best hurlers.

It's NOT Good To Be The King ---

Being #1 in major college football has not been to the liking of three teams in the last three weeks. Alabama was knocked off the AP's top rung by being upset by South Carolina three weeks ago. The following Saturday, newly anointed #1 Ohio State gets bounced by Wisconsin and then this past Saturday night, initial BCS #1 Oklahoma got shelled by Missouri. The one thing in common is that all three top dogs lost on the road and this week the new BCS leader Auburn plays Mississippi … yup, at Mississippi.

I believe the string gets broken this week as Auburn overpowers “Ole Miss” and retains its lofty perch.

The New York Giants Becoming An NFC Power ---

If someone had told me that after seven weeks into the NFL season that the New York “Football” Giants would be tied for the best record in the NFC, my response would have been, “You're crazy!”. But yet,the Giants --- my Giants are in that position. After a bumbling start, including an embarrassing 29-10 loss at home to Tennessee, the G-Men have ripped off four consecutive victories, including a 41-35 victory in Dallas against the Cowboys. The offense is well balanced with a very good offensive line that opens holes for both Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs and protects quarterback Eli Manning sufficiently.

Speaking of Eli, he has what is the best young receiving corps in the NFL with possession slot man Steve Smith, deep threat Mario Manningham, and budding superstar Hakeem Nicks.

Defensively, New York has regained it's vaunted pass rush, added run stopping ability, and improved its pass coverage under new defensive coordinator Perry Fewell. Truly, the defense has been sparkling this month and is among one of the better units in the NFL.

The Giants hope to continue playing well after this weeks bye as the meat of their schedule is upcoming as they must face the Cowboys again and have divisional foes Philadelphia and Washington for a pair each.

Now if Eli can stop throwing needless interceptions...



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