Saturday, September 11, 2010

The NFL Is On!

What time is it?!?!

It's time for the NFL regular season! We've seen the defending Super Bowl champions New Orleans Saints begin their campaign by beating the Minnesota Vikings 14-9 in a rematch of last season's NFC Championship Game. While the game wasn't terribly exciting, There was the drama of Viking quarterback Brett Favre starting his 286th consecutive game and Drew Brees again attempting to assault the record books.

This is an important season for the NFL as there the threat of no competition for next season with the current contract expiring and differences between management and the players union seems to be as wide as the Grand Canyon.

But for now, do we care? I think, probably not.

As a full slate of Sunday games approach,there are some intriguing matchups including, Cincinnati at New England, Atlanta traveling to Pittsburgh as Dennis Dixon gets the call at quarterback for suspended Ben Roethlisberger and Philadelphia playing host to Green Bay with Kevin Kolb now calling signals for the Eagles.

The Sunday night game features NFC east rivals Dallas going to our nation's capital to face Washington and new quarterback Donovan McNabb, while on Monday night, New York Jets boss man Rex Ryan plays host the Baltimore Ravens, the team that “Sexy Rexy” was once defensive coordinator.

I think this a decent way to start the 2010 NFL regular season. As the season progresses, I will give opinions and occasionally some facts about teams and players alike. I am also not much of a prognosticator because...well frankly, I stink. Oh well.

Let's just enjoy every Sunday from now to February with a cold beverage of our choice and whatever we want to eat. We're ready for some football are we not?

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  1. Overall a very solid Week 1 I thought. Indy losing to Houston I think was the biggest game with the most important outcome, simply because it gives Houston a mental boost that they never had. I was also pretty pleased with the Giants, although their offense wasn't totally sharp. It was just easier when Matt Moore kept giving us opportunities.

    Seeing Dallas lose was the highlight of my week. Although at the same time I'm not liking that every team in the NFC East is a potential division winner with they way things seem to be shaking out.

  2. I too was pleased with the Giants and two of Eli's interceptions were not his fault. As good a game as Hakeem Nicks had, he still needs more consistency.

    Love the Cowboys losing too, but then mt dream of the Patriots going 0-16 gets crushed yet again. Good thing I can watch the Giants as opposed to the pats when the choice is offered.