Monday, July 20, 2009

Introduction to My Thoughts on the World of Sports


I'm Dick Lafrance and welcome to My Thoughts on the World of Sports. This blog will feature my opinions on athletes, events, noteworthy moments, and anything else worthy of blogging about.

Now for a little bit about myself --- I am 50 years of age and a native of Lewiston, Maine. Lewiston is the home of former world championship boxer Joey Gamache, birthplace of ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews, New England Sports Network (NESN) studio host Tom Caron, and the city where Muhammad Ali defeated Sonny Liston with the phantom punch in 1965. A sidebar to the last fact is that my dad was an usher at the fight. I am an average working man who is a sports junkie. I play golf during the warm weather months as well as peruse the Web. I also enjoy travel when I have vacation, which is nowhere near often enough, and of course I watch television sports and attend a few live events, although I do not live near a major market

It is my hope to to add insight, thought, and provoke discussion with my readership, and hopefully make new online friends in the process. As stated before, I will present my opinions along with some facts (those somehow seem to get in the way!) and add links to my sources. This way, I hope to gain respect for my blog as opposed to being just another loud mouth on the Web. From time to time, I will allow a reader to post a blog to give an opportunity to voice an opinion on the blogosphere. I feel that readership participation is a must for success.

Readers will be allowed to post comments … I would like to have reader posts to be in good taste. I will reserve the right to delete those posts that are offensive, demeaning, or downright rude. I will also allow you to email to get more direct contact with me. My email address is

To re-iterate My Thoughts on the Sports world will cover sports events, some noteworthy, some sublime, and some ridiculous. I feel this mix of stories will not only enhance the blog but will also attract readers of all interests in sports be it local school sports to the professional level. I also believe that the readership will grow with diversifying the subjects which I post.

Due to my atypical work schedule and the occasional vacation, I will try to post at least twice a week.

Finally, I am in hopes that My Thoughts on the Sports World will become a staple of your on line reading. With insight and thought provocation, we can make this a success!

Thanks and enjoy!

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